I Grew Up With Alice


I wanted to thank you for your writing. I often talk to my friends about the most influential books we read growing up, and the other day, the Hatfords and the Malloys series came up. I remembered that you had written those books, and I of course was reminded of the Alice series. I first found Alice the Brave when I was around 10 or 11 years old. Many people tell you this, but I essentially grew up with Alice, beginning her story when I was in elementary school and reading the last book when I was in college. I looked to her for guidance.

Thank you so much for the stories you have given to your readers! They were so essential to much of my life.


Phyllis replied:

I so appreciate your writing to me.  I think in some ways, I grew up with her too–I relived some of the embarrassing things that happened to me, as well as other mistakes, and sometimes facing them again on paper, where they aren’t so threatening, takes some of the sting and embarrassment out of them.  Both of these series have a lot of humor.  The Alice books, of course, go far deeper, but sometimes we just need a laugh!


Posted on: April 18, 2017


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