from middle school to college!!


Hi Phyllis! It’s so crazy to think how I read the series almost 10 years ago when I was back in middle school! Now I’m in college and I see you’ve finished the series! I am so excited for finals to be over so I can start reading the few books I never got a chance to read since I had stopped.

I still think about the Alice series quite a lot and how I relate in the same ways that she has grown up too! Alice really shaped who I am as a person and I feel like I grew with her! I remember when I submitted a question to you back then and you had answered and twelve year old me was so giddy inside. I’m so happy to see that you’re still here, communicating with us readers. It really puts a smile on my face. I’m almost a junior in college and am still reading the series. Thank you for creating such an amazing series!!


Phyllis replied:

I just love hearing from girls (and guys, actually) who started reading the books back in grade school or middle school, and have followed Alice all the way through her high school, her love life, her friendships, her disappointments and tragedies, and especially, her relationship with her brother.  I hope you are able to find all the books you missed.  And remember, the entire 28-book collection is out in paperback in three boxed sets.  Thank you so much for taking time from your own busy life to write to me.  It means a lot.


Posted on: April 27, 2017


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