A Second Series?


Maybe you could make a second series of books about Pamela or Elizabeth’s daughter or son or something like that. That would be so cool. Do you think you could send me an autograph?? That would be awesome, because the Alice series are one of my favorite book series.


Phyllis replied:

I really don’t want to start another series about anyone, though I’d never say never.   When you begin a series, you are committed to the next book and the next, and there are so many different kinds of books I’d like to do.  After I do a humorous book I may want to write a mystery…or a novel for adults…or a chapter book for second-graders…or an adventure story.  I did enjoy writing the Shiloh books very much, as well as the series that begins with The Boys Start the War and The Girls Get even.  I can’t send you an autograph unless I know your home address.  Your address will never appear on this page, however.  Readers’ names and addresses are always private with me.

Posted on: February 9, 2017


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