A Spin-off series?


I live in South Carolina. My favorite books by you are “Jade Green”, the “Boys vs. Girls” series, and the “Shiloh” series. We read “Shiloh” in summer school back in the 90s. Can you please write a spin off series to “Shiloh”? I want the series to focus on Dara Lynn and Tangerine. We bought a Dalmatian in 2015. He turned 3 on 1/21/18. His name’s Shiloh. I named him after the book series. Shiloh’s litter had six, but one didn’t make it. We got him from a vet in Savannah, GA.  Could I have your autograph?


Phyllis replied:

Thank you for included your name and address (though I don’t post them here).  And yes, I’ll send my autograph.  Good luck with your Shiloh Dalmatian!  Sorry I can’t do a spin-off series of Shiloh.  There are so many other kinds of books, all swimming around in my head, all begging to be written next!

Posted on: March 28, 2018


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