alice in so funny!


I love Alice and think she is so funny sometimes.She was the only thing that kept me going through grade school. My question is how did you get the idea about her?

Phyllis replied:

When I wrote the first book,  “The Agony of Alice,”  (the three prequels came later), I had just intended to write about a motherless girl who is looking for a role model, being raised by her dad and older brother.  But after the book was published, I got so many letters, and reviewers said things like, “Alice’s many fans await her further adventures,” and I said, “Whaaat?”  So I talked with my editor about starting a series, and agreed to do one if I would only be expected to write one book a year (I wanted to be able to write other things) and if Alice could grow a little older in each book.  She agreed.  I figured out that if I wrote about 3 books for every year of Alice’s life, up to the age of 18, it would take about 28 books, and now they are all published, with one final book taking her from 18 to 60.  I’m so glad you like the series.


Posted on: February 5, 2017


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