Are any of these stories true?

    I’m in love with your alice books. It’s like a series that i love to read now. I’ve only read two but there really good.
I think “Alice in the know” was one of the best yet.Right know i’m reading “simply Alice”, and i like it alot. i can never put it down.
My teacher has to tell me to.
         You inspire me write a lot of my own books to. After reading your books it encouraged me to start writing. I’ve writen one book so far.
And in these books, Are any of these stories true?????????
Phyllis replied:
I write about things that happened to me, or to my friends, or that I read about, but most of them come from my imagination.  The Tarzan episode in “Agony of Alice” really happened to me.  Falling down the stairs the first day of high school happened to my mom in 1917!
Posted on: December 5, 2011


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