Are Judd’s dogs mean?


I adored your memorable book, Shiloh!I watched the movie too in school and really liked it. I have some questions to ask. One, why did you turn the Shiloh trilogy into the Shiloh quartet. Also, are Judd Traver’s dogs as nasty as the Baker’s German Sheperd.


Phyllis replied:

I had thought that the third book would be the last  Shiloh book, but then I realized I really wanted to write a bit more about Marty’s relationship with Judd, so I wrote the fourth book, which made it a quartet.   Judd’s dogs were in danger of being as violent as the German shepherd, but once Marty helped build a fence around Judd’s yard so that the dogs wouldn’t have to be chained up anymore, and once he and Judd began to play with them, they became much more friendly. But I won’t be writing another Shiloh book, as there are too many other books I want to work on.

Posted on: December 30, 2017


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