Are You Coming to Wisconsin?


I really love the Alice series. i have just started reading it, and i am already on “Dangerously Alice”. you are quite a good writer. you get details that some authors forget, and you can connect with your female readers. i am happy to say, you are a smashing success at my school library. i have to wait for a month to get “Almost Alice”. i have a question, are you ever coming to wisconsin for a book signing? i would really like to get a book signed by you. well, i have to get to writing my own novel. Love your books.

Phyllis replied:

Thanks so much for your letter.  There are no plans at present to come to Wisconsin for a book signing.  There are just too many deadlines to deal with right now.   You can always mail a book to me to sign, with a return mailer and postage, or simply a book plate with instructions for what you would like me to write.  Intensely Alice will be coming out next month, and I’ll be curious to know your reaction to it.

Posted on: May 4, 2009


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