Are you going to continue “Note from Phyllis”?

Are you going to continue doing the “note from phyllis?” That was one of the best parts of the site!! Thanks! ALICE ROCKS!!
Phyllis replied:
To be honest, I’m just getting familiar with this new website.  I’ve been frantically busy finishing two manuscripts, and when I was told I could finally start posting my replies myself, instead of sending them to the website and waiting till they found time to do it, I had to learn the steps of the new procedure.  I still have to learn how to get into my blog, post photos, answer comments, which seem to be in a different section than this fan mail page, and whether or not there’s a place for a “Note from Phyllis.”  I’ll get to this soon, I promise.  I’m speaking at the Maryland Library Association’s Conference in Ocean City tomorrow, and then I have a trip to New York.  When I can catch my breath, this website will get my full attention.
Posted on: May 13, 2009


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