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I am doing an Author Study Project on you. I have read three of your books. THe three books I choose to read were, Shiloh, Shiloh Season, & Saving Shiloh. I have learned that you love animals ,you’re favorite book is Huckleberry finn & that you grew up during the great depression.

I would write more books in the Shiloh series or more animal books. Maybe about Martys life before Shiloh. I was wondering where you get your inspiration? How may kids do you have.  I wanted to thank you for beging such a good author also would you please white back im doing a report on you


I’m afraid there are just too many book ideas in my head that will keep me from writing more Shiloh books.  But you still have “A Shiloh Christmas” to read–that’s the fourth book in the quartet.   I get my inspiration from things that have happened to me, that I read about in the paper, that happen to other people, and just my own imaginings.  I have two sons and four grandchildren.

Posted on: February 15, 2018


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