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Bernie Magruder & The Bus Station Blow-up

Bernie Magruder & The Bus Station Blow-up

Someone set off a bomb in the Bessledorf Bus Depot — and all fingers are pointing at Bernie’s sister Delores. And the next suspect in line is Joseph, their brother! It’s up to Bernie and his friends Georgene and Weasel to help solve the case — and save the Magruder name..

Naylor’s fifth story about the escapades of 11-year-old Bernie and the offbeat Bessledorf family is as clever as the previous titles. This time, Bernie is certain that either his revenge-seeking sister, Delores, or his secretive brother, Joseph (or the two of them in cahoots), is responsible for a series of bombings in Middleburg. Unfortunately, Bernie has shared his suspicions with Officer Feeney, who is dangerously close to arresting Delores.

It’s up to Bernie, with his trusty friends Weasel and Georgene, to ferret out the truth and clear Delores’ name. Snappy dialogue, cliff-hanging chapters, funny situations, and nutty characters will make this a perfect choice for reading aloud or for readers’ theater.

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