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Bernie Magruder & The Disappearing Bodies

Bernie Magruder & The Disappearing Bodies

Mr. and Mrs. Magruder have been hired to run a residential hotel. Bernie is one of their children. A dead body is found in a room; then it disappears. A second dead body is found; then it disappears. A third body is found; it’s real and was stolen from the next door funeral parlor. Bodies are coming and going from the Bessledorf Hotel – dead and alive!

Who wants to stay in a hotel full of zombies? Not too many – and that’s a big problem for Mr. Magruder, who’s trying hard to manage his hotel!

Because of all the nutty publicity Mr. Magruder is fired.

Bernie’s determined to get to the bottom of the case. Will he and his friends Georgene and Weasel find out how these bodies are mysteriously moving from place to place?

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