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Faces in the Water

Faces in the Water

Second Book of the York Trilogy

This is the second volume in the York Trilogy; it answers some questions from Book one, leaves open new questions, and moves the overall story arc along very well. In fact, unlike the case with most second books, I like this one a little more than the first.

That said, the York Trilogy is probably for slightly older readers than the 9 years set out in the description. That’s not because of language or violence, (or scariness), but because the plot involves a fair amount of time travel and multiple characters who appear and reappear in slightly different guises during the course of the travel. It’s not simple time travel, where the hero touches something or goes through a doorway and clearly ends up somewhere else. Rather, time periods and locations overlap, so that our hero may be in the here and now, but ghostly Roman legions march by him, while the girl from then in her form as the girl from now is talking to him.

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