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Footprints at the Window

Footprints at the Window

Book Three of the York Trilogy

It’s been a stressful summer for Dan: He’s found that Huntington’s Disease runs in his family and may strike him down when he’s in his forties, his father is being tested, and he is haunted by magpies and visions of the Faws – gypsies, whom he encountered in York — even to the point of being drawn back into the waning days of the Roman Empire. Now a family of gypsies has come to the land near where his grandmother lives, and it’s making Dan nervous.

What he finds is seemingly another Faw family, a few years down the line and with radically different names. And while trying to help the girl Oriole — who bears a striking resemblance to Orlenda — Dan is drawn back in time. Now it’s the Middle-Ages, during the time of the Black Death, and he is the only person to recover from the disease. He encounters another incarnation of the Faw family, and for the second time tries to help the beautiful Orlenda escape to safety. What will happen will change Dan’s life forever…

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