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The Agony of Alice

The Agony of Alice

Life, Alice McKinley feels, is just one big embarrassment. She’s about to be a teenager and she doesn’t have a role model. Her mother died years ago. What does her father know and her nineteen-year-old brother, who is a slob know about being a teen age girl?

Alice decides she needs a gorgeous woman who does everything right, as a roadmap. She thinks her troubles are over when she sees this in a beautiful sixth-grade teacher, Miss Cole at school. Unfortunately, she ends up with the homely, pear-shaped Mrs. Plotkin. One of Mrs. Plotkin’s first assignments is to keep a journal of thoughts and feelings. Alice calls hers “The Agony of Alice.”

Alice comes to know the lovely Miss Cole, as well as Mrs. Plotkin, and meets an aunt and a female cousin whom she didn’t know. To her amazement, a role model evolves — one that she would never have accepted before she made a few very important discoveries on her own, things no roadmap could have shown her. Alice moves on, ready to be a wise teenager.

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