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Zack and the Turkey Attack!

Zack and the Turkey Attack!

Zack’s got a problem, a big ol’ beadyeyed, mean, gobbler of a problem. Its name is Old Tom and it’s a turkey. Don’t judge. You haven’t seen this beast of a bird! First, it’s about as big as a wheelbarrow. Second, its beak is half the size of a HAND. And third, fourth, fifth, threehundredth: Every single time Zack visits his grandparents’ farm (which is every single weekend), the turkey attacks, peck peck pecking at Zack’s ankles like they are dinner!

So Zack comes up with a plan. He’ll build a contraption that’ll scare the turkey—let it know who REALLY rules the roost. But he can’t do it alone, and Josie, the girl next door, is too busy trying to figure out who’s behind a series of petty thefts in the neighborhood to help out . . . until they realize that if they join forces, they just might be able to catch more than a turkey. . . .

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