Can’t You Write Books Until You Die?

Why do you have to end the series at book 28? why can’t you write the books until you die??? or at least keep them going a little bit longer. PLEASE!!!!
Phyllis replied:
Uh…well, I could, if I knew just when that was going to be.  But I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and be right in the middle of another Alice book, and then what?   Much of the decision is regarding Alice’s age, not mine.  In the last book she is 18.  As I get about three books for every year of her life,  but I only write one book per year, it would take me 56 years to bring her up to age 60, and I’m afraid I would be thoroughly sick of her by then.  The last book will be a long one, and in each chapter she will jump ahead five years or so to the next big event in her life.  I think this will be a neat way to bring the series to an end.

Posted on: May 18, 2009


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