Changed His Mind?


okay so there’s this guy that I’ve been talking to that’s in one of my classes, and last week he suggested to one of our mutual friends that him, her, me and one other friend should all hang out this weekend, and told her that he would get my number and to put in a good word for him. then today he could barely talk to me and was acting kind of weird today when I saw him; he was talking to her normally but it seemed like he wasn’t talking to me the way he usually does. my friend told him to ask me about this weekend, and all he said was “I’ll get to it” but didn’t! what’s the deal?! do you think he changed his mind?

Phyllis replied:


Certainly seems that way, but it could be for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with you:  his parents may have other plans for him; the things he was originally thinking about doing may not have worked out; he may be short of money; the whole thing may seem more awkward than he’d imagined; the fourth friend backed out, etc. etc.  What you need to do–if you like him–is to stay friendly, don’t question him, treat it lightly–no big deal.  The more comfortable you can help him feel–whatever the reason the weekend didn’t happen–the better your chance that he’ll ask you out some other time.

Posted on: September 23, 2010


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