Could Not Have Been a More Appropriate Title

I just want to start by saying I have been reading alice books since the third
grade and I'm now a sophomore in college. I just finished reading Intensely
Alice and that could not have been a more appropriate title. I love to read and
I read this book in about 3 hour it was an extreme page turner. I just wanted to
thank you though because this book was in some way theraputic for me. In March I
lost my grandmother in a very unexpected way and in the past four years I didnt
really have a relationship with her, but short story she was car-jacked and
murdered and everyone, including myself always hear about those type of things
on the news, never thinking it could happen to you or someone you love but it
does. I was going through some of the same emotions Alice was going through when
she found out about her friend and although that death was different then what
happened to me, the emotions we felt were still the same so thank you for my
little mini-therapy session I cried my eyes out and I cannot wait for the next
Phyllis Replied:
I'm so terribly sorry about your grandmother.  That is a 
horrific thing to go through, and although it's "over" for her,
it's something you keep reliving again and again.  I'm grateful
 that "Intensely Alice" helped in some small way, and appreciate 
your writing to me.

Posted on: June 23, 2009


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