Did they happen to you?


I am 11 years old in 6th grade. I home school part 
time and go to private school the other half.
Both my parents love to write, and I do, to. I love reading equally.
I read “Alice In Agony” when I was 7, and then I found “Alice On
Her Way” last year. I haven’t read all your books, though I want to,
but I’ve read “Alice” In The Know”, “Alice On Her Way”, “Dangerously Alice”, 
“Incredibly Alice”, “Alice In Charge”, and “Incredibly Alice”.
I love your books. I think they’re really sweet, and that they cover fantastic topics.
I love reading about the friendship involved, about Patrick,
about racism, about Amy Sheldon, and most of all all the friends and girls involved.
Every time Lix, Pamela, and Alice (and Gwen), I just feel really happy.
So I was wondering a few things:
A) When is the book after “Incredibly Alice” coming out? I can hardly wait!
B) Did some of the things in this book happen to you? What?
C) What character is most like you?
D) How many more books are in the Alice series. Have you 
written them yet? When will they come out? Especially the one after
“Incredibly Alice”. How many more books are in the series?
I really like your books, and I want to thank you for writing them.
They have definitely made me think, and I just love them.
Phyllis replied:
An Alice book comes out every spring, either May or June.  “Alice On Board” will be out next June.  That’s number 27 of the Alice series.  There will be one more after that, “Always Alice,” in 2013.   Some of the events happened to me or to other people I know.  The Tarzan scene in “The Agony of Alice” happened to me back in 4th grade.  I’m a little bit of each of the girls in the stories, but mostly Alice, I think.  I’m glad to know you enjoy them.
Posted on: November 11, 2011


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