Different covers

I have a question. The book titled Alice in Charge has 2 different book covers. Are they both the same? I love all the Alice books and I don’t want the series to end. They’re that good.
Phyllis replied:
It’s really confusing, I know.  Both covers are the same book.  When an Alice book is published, it comes out first in hardcover, with a different cover than all the ones before, and a year later a paperback comes out with a different cover from that.  Somewhere down the line the publisher may decide that the next hardcover edition needs a new cover.  A few years later some of the books come out together in a new binding, a new cover, and they all have different covers still.  In the last few years, the publisher has put all three books of Alice’s freshman year into one big paperback, and not only put still another cover on it, but gave it a brand new name.  Same with sophomore, junior, and senior years.  It’s hard enough for me to keep track of them all, and I can only imagine what it must be like for you.  But that’s publishing!  A good librarian or bookstore person can help you sort it all out.
Posted on: September 18, 2012


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