Do I Give Him a Little More Time?

hi, i was on your site and noticed how many other girls are asking you for your help, well i kinda need some ones opinion on my issue, i have asked all my friends but they all seem to change their minds on me.
i have known this guy for three years but hes like a year or more younger than i, the first time i met him i knew that i was gonna like him even more, we dated that year and it was amazing, hes a great guy, shortly after we broke up, (because of distance problems) he had sex with some girl, now three years later(weve been in contact and talking about getting back together over the past three years, and i have seen him alot) we want to get back together, and i care VERY deeply about him, now yeah im only 15, but its been three years and i still feel the same about him if not more, when i found out about him and this girl i broke, i asked him so many questions and he lost my trust(bc he still loved/liked me but i think he didnt care enough bc he did that), for now, some of my friends say give him another chance and some say hes not worth my time, i was wanting to know someone elses opinon on what i should do. do i get over him? or do i just give him a little more time/chance? now we talk every day and we still see each other and he says he really cares for me so much. i would really appreciate your help and honestly, thanks.
Phyllis replied:
Give him a little more time for….?  You say you lost his trust because you asked too many questions?   Hmmmm.  You say there are distance problems.  And because he’s sexually active, my guess is that sex may be a big part of his life right now.  Are you ready for this?  Especially with a guy who doesn’t like to be asked too many questions?  There’s nothing to say you two can’t be friends, but what is there about him that makes you trust him?  A lot of ifs here…..
Posted on: June 21, 2009


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