Do You Choose the Covers of Your Books?

Oh my Gosh I can’t believe how wonderful your alice books are! And when you say that most stuff never really happened you just made it up I am like WOW!
The movie I hav’nt seen it yet but the Alice movie does’nt look to good. Lester looks way to young Alice looks nothing like I imagined she was much prettier and she didn’t have pizzaz like I thought she should have! I was wondering do you choose the cover of your books like the newer covers she looks like twelve when shes really is 14 almost 15 in a book! In the grooming of alice she looks so young Elizabeth looked way way young! I like how the all look in my poster they all look exactly how I imagine mostly Elizabeth! I was also wondering is it the same girl every time because if it is then they can make her look way different! You are the best writer in the world if the weird thing is my friends all have posters of celebrities all over the walls but I have a poster of Alice and her friends an autographed picture of you and since I love to draw drawings! But I am not a nerd who hardly talks or anything. Everyone says I am so funny only a few pople dislike me. Were you ever like that?
Phyllis replied:
I have some say in the covers of my books, but  I believe you’re referring to the books of some years ago.  The most recent books don’t have characters on the covers, at least not very recognizable people.  The most recent thinking is that it’s best to leave it to the reader’s imagination.  As for the movie, Alice Upside Down, as I’ve said before, you really need to approach it as a movie in its own right.  It’s loosely based on The Agony of Alice, but the producer and director have the right to make their own version.  I agree that Lester seemed much younger in the movie than I imagined him, but he was still very funny, and I enjoyed the film.  I’m glad to know you have so many friends!  That’s great.  I think a lot of people liked me when I was your age, but I’m sure there were some who didn’t, or who simply didn’t share my own sense of humor.  That’s life.

Posted on: May 31, 2009


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