Don’t Keep Them Going On and On

Hi you ROCK!
Intensely Alice just came out today YEAH! I was wondering do you know when the paperback will be coming out. I read an expert and I can not believe Tim and Pamela broke up! I need to know who dies! The suspense is killing  me! This happens to me a lot but only with your books I finish them in like 2 hours! Once I ordered 5 books and my parents had to take 3 away because I read them to fast!!!! When I have no new books to read I just simply read out parts from like every book. Sometimes randomly I will feel like reading a part of an Alice book. As much I don’t want these series to end I thin it’s good that you don’t keep making them go on and on until shes married  and has kids and stuff like  some people want it go on forever! It wouldn’t be as much fun!
Phyllis replied:
The Alice books won’t go on forever because I’m not going on forever, and I would never want them to bore you.  But please do read the books yourself.  If your library doesn’t have them yet and you can’t buy one, perhaps you can borrow one from a friend.
Posted on: June 4, 2009


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