Don’t Know What to Do


 I am 15 years old and I am completly ingrossed in your books. I have one chapter left of Intensly Alice and I am not ready to finish it because there arent any more out yet. I LOVE the fact that your books can be read in almost any order. Well kinda. I started with Alice’s freshman year while I was a freshman. She goes through so much that I have gone through. I am kinda having the same problem with The Penny-Patrick-Alice thing. I had just started dating a guy and I met his bestfriend. Now, this guy im dating is completly anti-social.. And his betfriend is outgoing like me. And we got along great. Till my boyfriend banned me from speaking and hanging out with him. But I am not the kinda girl to be pushed around, so I kept talking to him. But one of my bestfriends was dating this guy I was friends with, And when they broke up….. she blamed it on me. OH WAIT THERE IS MORE :/ So, This guy started dating another girl I was friends with and yep, you guessd it. I “Broke” Them up as well. I was kinda flattered… to tell you the truth, Because I didnt do anything. But now me and my “Boyfriend” broke up because he wanted sex and I didnt so he went crawling back to his Ex who smokes pot. And he did this the night after we went on a date and I went to my grandma’s house a few towns over. Nice huh? So anyway, now this guy I was banned from speaking to are hanging out again and I feel really comfterble around him. I dont have to be perfect, and as gross as it sounds, I can fart, burp, laugh my LOUDDD laugh around him. But I dont know if its too soon to do anything about it.  


Phyllis replied:

Anything about…..?   Sex?  Standard advice:  If you’re not sure, don’t.   Sounds as though you feel pretty comfortable around this guy, but he doesn’t come across to me as exactly first class material.  Does he to you?



Posted on: July 30, 2011


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