Don’t Want to Ruin Our Friendship


Every year I forget about your books and then a new one comes out and I see it at a friends house, book store or library (surprisingly usually within the first week of publication) anyways every year I read the new book like five times then buy an old book or two.  By doing so I own about ten Alice books, which is funny.  It’s amazing I get hooked again after every new book.  Thanks sooo much.  I think I can also relate to Alice really well myself and going through a lot of the same things.

Also I have a question to ask you. One of my best friends likes me, he told me and I think I like him too.  I don’t want to ruin our friendship if something were to go wrong and we wouldn’t even talk anymore.  We practically already hang out three times a week and act like we’re dating so I’m not sure what would be different, because we already share ice cream cones, watch movies together, exc.  Do I even need to tell him I’d like to go out with him or will it make a difference?  Niether of us have dated anyone else for about half a year and I don’t think he plans on it.  So we already have a good line between friendship and dating, but should I talk to him and establish the relationship better?  If I were to it’d be kind of akward though, what should I do?  Thanks


Phyllis replied:

This guy has already told you he likes you.  You see each other three times a week.  You watch movies and share ice cream cones, and he’s one of your best friends.  What is it you still need?  If you went to movies in theaters instead of watching them at home, and bought two ice cream cones instead of one, would that make it more of a “date” to you?  You want to establish the relationship better by…..?  Wearing signs on your back that say “WE ARE DEFINITELY DATING?”  Or is it that you want to share more with him physically–kissing, hugging, stroking?  I’m having a hard time figuring out just how you want to make a good situation better.  If it’s more physical closeness, what about just laying your hand over his during a romantic scene.  Snuggling up to him during a chainsaw movie.  Decide what you would need to give you the feel of a “relationship” and then ask yourself whether it’s something superficial you can more or less show off to other people (being seen in line together at a movie or sitting together ina restaurant), or whether you need more in the way of romantic moves on his part.

Posted on: June 17, 2009


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