Empowered me to enter medical school


I am writing to you tonight to thank you personally for your beautiful, real writing. I fell in love with the Alice series when I was around 8 years old in 2005. I read the Alice books all throughout my childhood and would frequently dedicate part of my summer vacation to getting through the entire series (as it was at that point) again and again for my public library’s summer reading program. Your poignant, realistic writing and storytelling of Alice’s childhood and adolescence is something that will stick with me the rest of my life. I learned about many raw issues reading your books, and I also related to Alice so much in different aspects as well. Before the age of the Internet where everyone shared everything on social media, I knew that someone out there, even though she might have been in a book, was also dealing with body image issues, crushes, fights, etc. Looking back, these very real situations and how Alice and her friends and family dealt with them inspired me to also tackle these issues, and through many different influences (including your books), I decided to pursue becoming a physician. Alice, and therefore you, empowered me to become the woman I am today and even better woman I hope to become in the future. I am proud to say I will be starting medical school in 2019, and although I am not without my struggles to this day, I feel as if reading about real women like Alice help me deal with these issues. My only want is for my future daughter to read these books with the same love that I did. I understand if you can’t read this email or reply to me, but I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am that you boldly wrote the story of a young girl for the world to see. You’ve truly made the difference for me, at the very least.

Phyllis replied:

Your letter really made my day, and I forwarded it to my editor.  I know she will love it too.  In a way, I grew up with Alice also.  In the 28 years I was writing the books, I was reliving many of the things that had happened to me or to my friends–things we had talked about, worried about…and it means a lot to me that the books were helpful to you as well.  My very best wishes for your journey through medical school and all the years of your life.

Posted on: April 7, 2018


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