Facing a Bully


I have a huge concern and I wonder if you could help me:
i  luv highschool. I am a sophmore, and I have tons of friends and many boys like me. I love my classes, and weekends are always fun. For the first two weeks of school i had never been so happy. well theres this girl, I’ll pretend her name is Bree, and she hates me very much. she hates lots of ppl and has beat up many people but she HATES me the most I am sure. When I walk into a room, she laughs to her friend, when i stand up, she shouts GROSS, and she tells everyone she’s going to kick my ass. I have asked her why she hated me very politely, and she said she wasnt going to tell me, and just made more fun of me with her friends. I am scared of her so badly, and I want to move somewhere far away jsut because of her. I have ignored her, and asked her why she hated me. there is nothing left to do. I would be so happy if it werent for this. there is no option for me to go to another school, and i think she is turning people agaist me, because today when i was walking home, a group of girls drove by in their car, and one shouted out ‘Fuck You’ in the meanest voice I had ever heard. It is making me more derpessed, and the sad part is I would be SO happy if it werent for them! I feel liek I’m the only girl in the school this is happening to. I dont even focus on friends or family anymore because I’m so nervous at what she’ll pull next, or what if the girls in the car had stopped and did something? maybe next time they will. And if i tell the school, these girls will fight back harder! you dont mess with bree. Well sorry if this is wasting your time, but i am very disturbed and woulkd like to enjoy sophmore year with peace of mind. mayeb u could help. Thanks 

Phyllis replied:


I agree–this IS a huge concern, and I truly wish I had an answer.  This is a problem for many girls in many schools, and there doesn’t have to be a real reason they pick onyou–they just want someone to take their anger out on, to feel superior to, to hassle, and if you can’t go to your counselor or principal, I don’t know what you should do.  Have you discussed this with your parents or any adult at all?   If you have a ton of friends, where are they in all of this?  Do they stand up for  you and support you?  Walk home with you? If other readers have faced this and found a solution that worked, we would love to hear from you.  I welcome any teacher with experience of this sort to write and offer suggestions.  It is frightening when a student feels there is nothing she can do, nor anyone she can talk to about bullying.  I will print other replies that we might receive.


Posted on: September 23, 2010


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