Fan Mail From Boys?

Thanks for answering all those questions! I was wondering is there an expert for intensly Alice yet? Can you tell me a little bit about intensly Alice! Does someone really die? And some people say that Pamela is still pregnet is that true? I thought she had a miscarrige! Is this the sadest Alice book you have written? Sorry if there is so many questions I hope you can answer them! Ok I just read it over that seems like so many questions looks like I am a stalker almost! But I am not I promise! You are the best ever sorry but one more question wait actully two. Can you tell me the date when intensly alice comes out? Just out of curiosty do you ever get fan mail from boys?
Phyllis replied:
Yes, I do get fan mail from boys.  Not all of them want me to post it, and many of their letters arrive by regular mail.  The only letters that appear on this website are those that come by email.   Intensely Alice is now in many bookstores, and you will be able to answer most of your questions after you read it.  I won’t say it’s the saddest book I ever wrote, but yes, parts of it are very sad.

Posted on: June 2, 2009


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