Found My Patrick


Thank you so much for your wonderful novels. The “Alice” books were precious to me while I was growing up; Alice was more real to me than any other book character, and I certainly learned about life through her eyes. Now I’m an adult, and I’m happily in love with a guy I’ve been with for the past four years. Yesterday, I looked at him and realized something: he’s exactly like Patrick! From the red hair to the musical talent to the good manners and extremely calm disposition…I may have subconsciously sought out the guy I’d read about in your books. I got a bit of a laugh thinking about how your books may have guided my life’s course even more than I ever thought. So, do you have any advice for somebody dating a real-life Patrick? And which fork do I use when I eat dinner with his family?!

Thank you again for your work; your talent and your heart are truly incredible.
With so much appreciation,
Phyllis replied:

Obviously, you are doing just fine, and need no help from me!   It was so lovely hearing from you, and I wish you and your guy much happiness.  Books do influence us in our lives; they’ve certainly influenced mine.

Posted on: March 3, 2018


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