Good Advice for the Future

I read starting with alice, and alice in rapture, sort of in 4th grade, and now (5th grade) since my friend starting reading all of the newer books, i started checking them out at the library. some of the siduations that alice faces aren’t happening to me yet, but it is definatly good advice for the future. I read one of the alice books in maximum 3 days, and i have read some of the fan mail on your website, and now i know that there is information about the books that i haven’t gotten a chance to read yet. so now i already know that someone dies in Intensly Alice, but i don’t know who. i also know that there will be the last book that comes out in 2013. so i am glad to know that i can keep on reading these books until 9th grade when they end. you are an amazing writer, and i know that you have heard that many times before, but i really mean it. i am really glad that you have written more than a hundred books, and that makes me know that you really take a lot of time to really get into your wrting and make the readers feel that you are really right beside alice, for example. i will definatly keep on reading the alice books until they stop and try not to find out too much information on your website.
Phyllis replied:
I’m glad you feel that Alice will give you good advice for the future.  I  hope so.  She sure gets herself in a lot of situations that she has to solve herself.
Posted on: July 3, 2009


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