Hooked on Your Series


The first Alice book I ever read was Alice in Blunderland, and since I have become hooked on your series. I love reading books in general, but your series in one that has permanently touched my heart and that I will always love. I’ve yet to read the last book, Almost Alice, but I just know it’ll be awesome. I’ve learned a lot from the Alice books. My mom and dad are not together, and even though I have three sisters, I also have six brothers, so I feel like I can relate to Alice a lot of the time. The characters are so genuine I didn’t at first know a grown woman wrote the books (I mean that respectfully) and I just think it would be so awesome if you were my mother or aunt or something!
In ending, I will always be a loyal reader of your Alice series!!! Oh, and thank you for bringing Patrick and Alice back together in Dangerously Alice. Best thing that happened ever!!!

Phyllis replied:

There’s still a lot more to happen before I end the series with book #28.  I hope you will like Intensely Alice, coming in June.

Posted on: May 5, 2009


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