How about some cat books?


My class read your book, and it is amazing. It has all the aspects of an award winning book. I could just go on, and on felicitating your book, but I have questions.

My question is have you ever seen an abused animal near YOUR home? If you did,how did you feel?

I also have a suggestion.You should write a book about a cat. It might increase your revenue because you’d have a book for cat fans, and dog fans.

Could you please retort to my question, and tell me what you think about my suggestion.



Hmmm.   I will try to retort and felicitate, but to answer your question, no, I don’t ever remember seeing an abused animal near my home–only the dog I came across in West Virginia, who became Shiloh in my books.  I did, however, when I was in middle school, find that a box of new kittens I had set out in the back yard, thinking they could use some air and sunshine, had been attacked by a dog when I went inside, and they were either dead or dying.  The mother cat was so upset that she crawled under our porch and died.  I can’t tell you how guilty and sad I still feel when I think about it.

As far as writing about cats, you will be glad to know that I have written 4 books about the two  housecats I had after I grew up.  I think you would love these books–the  Cat Pack books:  The Grand Escape, The Healing of Texas Jake, Carlotta’s Kittens, and Polo’s Mother.

Posted on: December 20, 2017


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