How Can I Convince My Parents?

i’m 17 years old. my parents enforce the 10:30 curfew every friday and saturday night, and recently i asked them for something later than that, but they instantly shot me down. i have only been late once, and it was a matter of less than 10 minutes. i usually go out with my boyfriend, and he practically doesn’t have a curfew. is there any way i could convince my parents to let me stay out later?
Phyllis replied:
It’s quite possible that your parents’ curfew has less to do with worries about you and your boyfriend than it does about drunk drivers on Friday and Saturday nights–that they simply want you off the roads.  Are they OK with inviting your boyfriend in when you get home and spending another hour together in the family room?  Whatever their reason, you need to have a talk with them.  Wait till your mom or dad is in a good mood, then say, “I’d like to feel I can discuss something with you, and if I promise to listen to you, will you promise to hear me out?”  Hopefully they will say yes.  Then, make sure you give your reasons for wanting to stay out later.  Does this not allow time to see a movie and have a bite afterwards?  Are you always the first one in your group who has to leave, and you miss out on some things?   If they won’t extend the curfew, what age do you need to be before it switches to midnight, or what do you need to do to prove you’re reliable?  And if their worries are about drunk drivers, ask if you can have more parties and activities at your home.
Posted on: April 13, 2009


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