How many books in the Alice series?


How many books is there in the Alice series?I thought there was 28 but the list has more than 30 and in the set of books there is 20.


Phyllis replied:

Confusing, I know, but here’s the deal:  there are 28 separate books in the Alice series.  Each of them came out first in hardback, then paperback.  But the books about Alice in high school were so popular, that the publisher decided he would also publish “bind-ups,” so that the four books of Alice’s freshman year in high school would be in one big paperback book (I Like Him, he likes her);  the four books of her sophomore years would be in one big paperback book (It’s Not like I planned it this way); her junior year (Please don’t be true) and her senior year (You and me and the space in between).   The 28th book takes Alice from age 18 to 60, and that is a large thick paperback called “Now I’ll Tell You Everything.”

And finally, so many readers wanted a way to buy the whole collection, the publisher brought all the books out in 3 boxed sets, called the Alice Collection.  The first box is “Alice in Elementary School”;  the send box is “Alice, the Middle School Years,” and the third box, which includes the high school books plus the final book, “Now I’ll Tell You Everything,” is called “Alice: the high school years and beyond.”

It took me 28 years to write all the books, and they came out in hardcover, paperback, and sometimes they were reprinted with different covers, so it was possible to have 3 or 4 books with the same title, but different covers.  I think that if you look up the Alice collection on this website (click on the moving banner) you will find more information on how to order what you want.


Posted on: April 5, 2018


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