I am a senior in high school and have been searching for a perfect prom dress. I really like vintage clothing so I have been going to a number of stores, but nothing fits! I have suddenly gotten such large breasts, and I hate them. Some people act like having large breasts is some great thing, but it is not. My back always hurts, they are in the way, and above all, clothes do not fit me anymore because of them. Not to mention I am only 110 points and 5′ tall. I think I look absolutely ridiculous. I have always had a good self esteem, but lately I just feel terrible. All of my friends have small breasts and complain about how they wish they could have ones like mine. I want to say, “Take them!” I cannot embrace how I look anymore! Do you have any advice?
Phyllis replied:
I understand.  Really.  There is probably not a girl out there who has not thought, “Everyone else is going to wear a short dress, but I have thick legs; I cannot stand how I look!’  “My body is great but my chin is awful, and that’s the first thing anyone sees!’  It is the very rare girl (or even guy) who is completely satisfied with the body she (he) was born with.  I know, I know, this doesn’t really help.  You may have to adjust your idea of a “perfect” dress somewhat.  One suggestion I have is to go to an upscale store or shop when it’s not too busy.  You don’t have to tell them you’re not planning to buy from them, but ask a professional what kind of dress would look best on you.  She will ask what you have in mind, what kind of look you are striving for, and perhaps she will be able to think of a style that you hadn’t considered before.  If she shows you a dress you like but can’t afford, thank her profusely for her help and tell her you’d like to think about it a bit.  Then see if you can find something with that style in the vintage type stores.  Readers: any suggestions for this girl?

Posted on: April 6, 2009


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