I Cried So Much….


I just finished Intensely Alice and I wanted you to know it was wonderful.  It is my new favorite in the series (for the longest time my favorite was Patiently Alice) and I am already thinking about re-reading it!  My mom calls dibs on it next though, she enjoys your books as much as I do!  I am a 21 year old college student, and I have practically grown up with Alice!  We went through a lot of things at the exact same time, and I love being able to relate to things that happen in your stories (:
I cried so much at the end of this story.  I figured that someone would die, but I had NO idea it would be…. Oh, and I was so glad to have more Keeno in your story!  He’s been my favorite character for awhile, and it was great to learn more about him!Okay I’ll stop babbling now, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your books!  I can’t wait until next May/June to read the next Alice book!!

Phyllis replied:

I omitted a line from your letter so as not to give too much away, but I cried a lot when I wrote this book, and I still do when I read a certain chapter.  But…that’s life, isn’t it?  I’m delighted that you enjoy the Alice books so much and that your mom does as well.  It’s wonderful that you can share them together.

Posted on: June 2, 2009


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