I love Alice. Most of the books my sister and I read over and over again. I feel like Alice is a real character.
Can there be a movie like for most of the Alice books????


Phyllis replied:

Perhaps you  know that there is one movie out, Alice upside Down, which is based very loosely on “The Agony of  Alice.”  You can see it on DVD.   While I thought that the girl playing Alice was very good, as well as the actress playing Mrs. Plotkin, some of the other actors were so different from the characters in the book that it was hard to identify with them.  People who did not know the Alice books, however, liked it very much.  I have had no word about any other  Alice movies in the making, but it often takes years before movies are made, based on books.  I’m delighted that you and your sister enjoy the series so much.

Posted on: February 9, 2017


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