I Never Finish My Stories


I know you get this a lot, but its amazing how many books you have written. i love all your alice, and shiloh books, and I’m starting to focus on your other books.

Writing is another hobby of mine, and I have written a lot of stories too, the only problem is, I never finish them, not one, and sometimes i mix up my characters from one story to another. does that ever happen to you?
Phyllis replied:
No, I don’t have that particular problem, perhaps because I always know how a book will end before I begin.  It’s a good idea to know not only how a story will begin and how it will end, but what the climax will be.  You don’t have to know every single thing that will happen, but you really should know this much.  As far as mixing characters from one story or book to another, there’s no harm in that.  Other authors do that from time to time.
Posted on: August 23, 2010


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