I Want a Different Partner

I need some help i’m doing this thing this summer and I am going with my bestfriend and I didn’treally expect to meet any new friends this summer but I did. Sometimes I rather hang with her then my bestfriend and my bestfriend always expects me to sit with her but sometimes I want to sit with my new friend or if we have partner up or something sometimes I want a different partner. Plus my friend does that to me all the time like on a random school day she says i’m going to hang with whoever today it makes me mad that she can do it and I can’t!! She says we can hang with other people to she says that and now that its vice versa that term doesn’t excist anymore!
Phyllis replied:
She has given you the perfect reason to sit with whomever you please, and now you need the backbone to do it.  When you choose to sit with  your new friend and she objects, say, “I just want to to hang out with Erin today, like you want to hang out with Tracy at school sometimes. ”  Variety helps make even old friendships stronger.

Posted on: June 21, 2009


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