I Want the Real Answer


As you may have noticed, I have e-mailed you many times in the past. My name is Emily, and I have devoured every Alice book you have read with delight including your latest, Intensely Alice. I have heard many rumors but I just want to know one thing, will there be another Alice book after Intensely Alice? I’ve heard that this is your last book and I’ve heard that books will come after that one and I just want to know the real answer. Please reply. As you have already noticed, I am a BIG fan of yours and Alice.
Phyllis replied:

Here is the real answer.  The very last book, #28, “Always Alice,” is already written but it’s not been submitted.  It’s sitting here in a fireproof box in my office, with instructions to my sons, in case I check out early, to send it immediately to my publisher.  The book coming out next year, “Alice in Charge,” is book # 25.  I still have books # 26 and #27 to write, and don’t have titles for them yet.  So there will be four more books to read after “Intensely Alice,” unless I get hit by a bread truck or something, and I’ll try not to let that happen.


Posted on: June 24, 2009


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