I Watched the Movie Twice in One Night


I think your books are the most best series I’ve read. I read them over and over again. I really like, ‘Including Alice’, ‘The Grooming of Alice’, and ‘Alice In Between.’ I like ‘The Grooming of Alice’ because Mrs. Plotkin dies, because nobody writes books these days that are actually that sad. I feel sad knowing that Alice isn’t actually a real person. I’ve watched the Alice Movie, [starring Allyson Stoner] twice in one night, and then I watched it again, the next night. I’m extremely excited to read the next published book, ‘Intensely Alice.’ Please reply.

Phyllis replied:

You may find Intensely Alice even more sad, but sometimes life is like that.  Thanks so much for writing to me.

Posted on: June 8, 2009


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