I Would Love to See Them On Screen!


I found this email address when looking for a way to contact you regarding the Boys vs. Girls Series.  Please know that I LOVE these books, (the one’s I’ve read anyway), and I would LOVE to see them on screen.  Can you tell me whether anyone is planning to make a movie out of the book series?  I think it would be a movie all the kids my age (12) would love to see.  I’m also going to email many productions companies and suggest they make a movie out of your series – and, if it’s okay with you – I won’t stop there! If necessary, I’ll get a petition started and distribute it to all of your fans, begging for the making of this movie.  Can you tell I really want to see this on screen?   My mother suggested a summer book club centered around your books – but I can’t wait that long to read them all!  Please let me know if it’s okay to continue with my plan to contact the studios and send around a petition.  Thank you for writing back to me. 


Phyllis replied:

Wow!  You seem to enjoy those books as much as I enjoyed writing them!  Of course it is all right for you to suggest to production companies that they make a movie from these books.  As far as I know, no company has contacted my agent about them.  They would probably make a fun series, and the actors and actresses would have a good time too.  Who would YOU be in the series?  The overly-dramatic Caroline would be my favorite. 

Posted on: May 22, 2009


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