I’d Like to Believe It


i can’t wait to read in alice in charge in a week so- i need to special order it in canada, because the alice books don’t seemed to be carried a lot here… what a shame!
anyways, high school for me had just ended last friday, because we have two weeks of exams. couple days before the last day of classes, we got our yearbooks.. i must say, i’m quite proud of it, having worked on it for almost the entire year. one of the fun parts is of course, getting classmates and friends to sign and write comments. i was passing my book to some of my friends, and someone, lets call them k. he signed my book, and i didn’t look at what he wrote until later that day. the comment was written in large writing, and it was something like: (my name), i love you. so much you don’t even know (signed k).
so my question is, how can you tell if someone is being serious or not (not even in this case?). the thing is, some of my classmates and i have this joke about the group of friends “loving me”. everyone (themselves included) know it’s all for fun, no matter how annoying they can get. so when they took up an entire page on my book, i knew it was all for fun. but in the situation with k…? i admit, i’d like to believe it. i’m really not sure at all if k was being serious or not. people say all the time, to trust your instincts. most of the time, i do trust mine… but problem is, if you WANT something to happen, you will force youself to think that way, and shut out everything else…. does this make any sense?
i suppose i can just be thinking too hard- i remember almost alice– and alice said something about overanalyzing a good thing to death, and sometimes to take a situation for face value. what do you think? thanks, and i really appreciate you reading this 🙂

Phyllis replied:


Whether he was writing partly as a joke, I think there’s some real affection there, and he wanted to give you a nice cozy feeling about him to carry with you after high school.  How MUCH he loves you would be evident if he follows up on this and wants to get together over the summer.  But this reinforces my belief in the value of being true to your inner selves and not trying to act like everyone else, because there are always people attracted to you who are watching, perhaps trying to get up their nerve to get to know you better.

Posted on: June 19, 2010


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