If You Were Marty…


I read your book and I really liked it especially when Judd let Marty have Shiloh at the end of the book. Shiloh because it would be really awesome. If you were Marty what would do to get Shiloh if you really wanted him? If Judd actually shot Shiloh would Judd go to jail for awhile? When Doc Murphy saved shiloh what if shiloh died how would that reflect the story at the end of it?

Phyllis replied:

That was the question I gave myself when I started writing the book–what could an eleven year-old boy do to persuade a mean and miserable man to let him keep his dog?  And I would do what Marty did.  As for what would happen if Judd actually shot Shiloh, or Doc Murphy couldn’t save Shiloh?  Then the other three books in the series would never have been written.  Right?

Posted on: February 11, 2017


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