I’m Alison!


First of all, you’re an amazing author.Last May, when Almost Alice came out, I was so excited to read it since i had been waiting a year for it to come out. I live in Canada so i couldn’t find the book in any book store, or my local library where I usually find them, then basically just own them seeing as i repeatedly request the books.I used to look in the library online to wait for them to get Almost Alice once a week, then once a month as I got more disappointed. I was the first person to request Almost Alice.I waited around a month for it to finally arrive which was around a week ago. For some reason, I read the back of the book first and to my surprise I WAS ON THE BOOK! I’m Alison. The one that got something to drink and went to my room to read the whole book in a night. I was soooo excited!! This is the most exciting thing that has happened to me. IM ON YOUR BOOK. You. The amazing author that writes these wonderful books that everyone reads. You read my email and you put it on your book! Thank you so much. I literally jumped up and down running and screaming around the house for an hour. I still get hyper when I think about it. I just requested Intensely Alice a minute ago. It’s great I’ll get to read this new book right after I read Almost Alice(which, by the way, was FABULOUS!)since the library took a while to get Almost Alice. you’re so amazing, thanks so much.I’m definately gonna go to a book store, turn around all the Almost Alice books, and take a picture of all the Alison’s ha ha


Phyllis replied:

I’m glad that made you so happy!  Actually, I don’t put those quotes on the back of the books.  I share some of the fan letters with my editor, and she’s the one who decides which ones to use.  She has various reasons for choosing the ones that she does.  I’m always surprised to see them too!

Posted on: June 20, 2009


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