Just Found my Best Friend

I know this is for e-mailing questions but though I do have a question there was just something i wanted to tell you and that is THANK YOU! 
I was in 6th grade when I picked ALICE ALONE of the shelf of my school library, little did I know that I had just found my best friend. Alice and some of the other characters in the series became my friends that year and with all the groups of friends I have gone through up till now, which is the summer before my second year of college, they were the ones that were always there. I loved catching up on all the books that came out before I started reading the series and waited for what seemed like forever for new ones to come out. Honestly I spent more time waiting for the newest book then i did reading them I usually finished them in a day or two depending on what I had going on. Today I spent most of my day reading INTENSELY ALICE, and despite making me cry when ——– died (I felt like I lost as friend) I loved it. I thought of today as spending time with old friends I haven’t seen in awhile. 
Your Alice books have given me something to look forward to for the last 7 years and I am looking forward to the next 4 to come. I really wanna thank you for creating one of my best friends. Alice and her friends have become my friends and are “people” I can relate to and wish to be at times. 
Well my question is now, is there any chance you can come to Long Island to do a book signing or something because there is nothing that would make me happier than having my copy of ALICE ALONE the first book that I read to be signed by you and to thank you in person for writing these books all these years? 
Phyllis replied:
I wish I could go to all the places where my readers live, but Long Island isn’t on the agenda right now.  Some people send me copies to be signed, and I mail them back to you.  You must enclose a stamped mailer for sending the book back, of course, with your complete address, but this is one way to get a book signed.  I’m so glad that Alice is one of your best friends.  I’m rather fond of her myself.

Posted on: July 2, 2009


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