Just Friends

hi mrs.Naylor i am addicted to your books. ok so i have a problem could you give me some advice? so i moved to CT when I was 3 and the first friend i made was a boy lets call him A. so me and a are really good friends but in 5th grade he told me he really liked me and i really liked him. and we kind of a a group we have ju, bi there going out gr, ca, gr, de and me and a. so me and a went out for a little bit but then we bolth decided we like each other as just friends better. and then summer came. are group got together again in 6th grade. we all hang out the same way but now a got kind of distant because his new gf doesn’t like me. but they broke up yesterday and he said they broke up because he would rather be my friend. now everybody thinks we like each other witch i do but i don’t know if he does. well i just don’t know what to do. thank you so much for writeing such amazing and realistic books.!!!Open-mouth smile

Phyllis replied:

Don’t do anything.  Just keep your cool and go on being friends. 


Posted on: December 11, 2010


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