Love the “Boys Versus Girls” books even more…!


I love the Alice series but think I love the “Boys Versus Girls” books even more.  Can’t you write more of these books, and more Alice books too?  I love them so much.

Phyllis replied:

Oh, if only I had two heads and four hands and there were 500 days to each year!  I know, I had a wonderful time writing those books, beginning with “The Boys Start the War” and “The Girls  Get Even.”  And writing the Caroline scenes–and possibly the Peter scenes– were the most fun of all.  She is such a drama queen, and he’s so gullible.   If you like odd characters, though, and some humor in your adventure, I think you really would like my “Cat Pack” books, beginning with “The Grand Escape.”   Try the first one in the quartet and see.


Posted on: October 19, 2016


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