Loving Alice


I realize today that this year will be the last of Alice in my life. Let me tell you: thank you so much. I always loved reading. Reading was my escape from the world. Alice was the first book that let do that. Since then I really think that’s why I loved reading. If i have children one day, I’ll show them the ways of Alice. I think because I read that series it made me get ready for the real world. So thank you once again. 

Phyllis replied:

It is sort of sad, isn’t it?  It’s strange for me not to have an Alice deadline hanging over my head.  But there are at least three new ideas for novels driving me a little bit nuts, none of them Alice, of course, and none of them that easy.  But I like a challenge, so it’s good to be working on something else.

Posted on: January 13, 2013


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